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💃🏻 TAYLOR: Well, we'll go ahead and get started. Josh, I think you're ready to kick it off. I'll pass the mic on over to you. We're really excited to have everyone here and host these town halls more regularly. We hosted one last month, and it was a bit longer, we had some different exercises that were a part of it questions. This time, we're just kind of doing a quick update, and then a Q&A.

So excited to have you here and to answer any questions that you have about Groove and where we're heading. Josh, what are the updates?

🏄‍♂️ JOSH: Hi, everyone. So yeah, we're gonna try and keep this really informal. And just make sure that this is a regular thing on the calendar for people in the community, and we will record it, and share it for anyone that wants to know what's going on. So it will be as brief as it needs to be really.

The main thing that I want to share, is the fact that we're sort of three months into leaning into building a digital coworking space for everyone that Grooves.  For us that means it not being just a place that you show up to be productive, but also a place where you're able to meet other interesting people that are in the community and bring your friends into the community too.

Tova has been doing some pretty deep research over the last couple of weeks speaking to new Groovers. Because the main theme of right now and Groove up until now is that people that have joined have found their way to meet the people that they want to spend time with in Groove. And that's that's really been the key. Have you found people that you want to Groove alongside? Have you found people that you want to spend time with?

And now as the community grows, it's clearer and clearer that people need help at the beginning of their journey. Really, how do you get set up? How do you start your life as a Groover? And how do you find the people that you want that are going to support you through the journey until you've landed in a place that feels good for you and a place that you can that you can settle in and come back to daily, weekly as you build a home within Groove. So I just want to share three things that are going on for us as we keep this brief.

Firstly, Sruli has been working really hard launching the bulletin boards, which you've seen that goals, which is amazing to see because it really gives us a chance to support each other outside the Grooves, maybe there's something that you're working on, there's a bigger goal, than one Groove, so now it's a chance to share it to give other people high fives to receive that support. I know, Alison shared on her social media that she finished writing the manuscript of her second book in the Groove and having that final push from the high fives and sharing that as a goal was really instrumental in keeping her motivated right through till, until sending it off to the editor.

So alongside the goals are now going to be: wins. So you'll be able to share the wins like people have been sharing in Slack, you'll be able to share them attach a photo. And the bulletin boards will continue to be a space that allows people to talk and communicate publicly outside of the outside of the Groove. As you know, you walk into any co orking space, there's some way to pin things up, let people know what's going on. And we really want to lean into creating a space that's special for people to do that outside that.

The second thing that has been very active, and we've sort of come to what's the end of the initial iterations is the ambassador program. Taylor, would you mind just sharing a few things that we've been learning along the way?

💃🏻 TAYLOR: Yeah, for sure. Dropping a couple of things into the chat as I do this. I was trying to think how do I distill all key learnings we've been learning? I will say that the ambassador program really was such a great experiment. And that's really what all the ambassadors were excited to do with us was lean into, how do we use some of the features we already have in new ways? And just learn together and we've learned a lot so I'm gonna drop in the chat some tips on how to bring friends into Groove that have really come together through this program.

We just had a lot of fun hanging out with this group of humans more closely. We really use this program as a way to chat with them one on one, what are they learning? How can we support them? So we created some custom things for folks along the way, including some custom spaces, which you may have seen on those Groover's profiles. So it was like a private space for them to onboard their friends into Groove. And one of the key learnings from this was that those spaces were actually kind of a strange and clunky way for new folks to land into Groove. It's actually a better experience, the way it's designed right now, to have friends come through that invite link that you all have, which is under the Share button on the main home screen in the bottom right. So that was a really interesting learning.

The ambassador program didn't really prove our hypothesis, correct— if we created these spaces as a safe, special landing place for ambassadors' friends, would they be a better way for folks to be onboard into the platform? That didn't prove to be that different than the success rate of folks coming in to Groove through a normal invite from a friend. So that was really interesting. And honestly, this program has been just really successful and helping us learn a bunch of different little things along the way and bring in a bunch of new Groovers, we did get a lot of new Groovers through this, and it is cool just to see those badges of who's in what space on those on those folks, profiles. So yeah, those are those are some of the top top things we've learned so far. And I'm going to drop those tips inside of the chat. Also a belated congrats to Amanda, I missed that. So I was about to type that, but I didn't want to distract Josh, is there anything you want to add to that?

🏄‍♂️ JOSH: No, that was great. Thank you. Yeah, it's just been, it's been a pleasure to see how many people are passionate about helping share Groove with the broader world, and the ambassador program has been a chance to learn. Tova, I know, I might be putting you on the spot, but are there one or two highlights from research you're excited to share with the community?

🎨TOVA: Yeah. So, I'm still sort of analyzing the results. So this is really off the cuff. But, one of the biggest trends that's emerging, is just how curious people are to learn about one another on the platform, and that's new people and more experienced Groovers. We saw that people really have a thirst for meeting like minded people, whether it's based on "they work in the same profession as me", or "they have a similar quirk as me" or "similar interests as me". How can groove helped me discover those people or introduced me to those people or things like that? And that's especially important to somebody who comes on and they don't know a lot of people on the platform yet or they haven't Grooved a lot yet. And so that is, I think, the that's the sort of the biggest learning that's coming out. And so we have not yet begun any new initiatives to answer that need. But that is probably going to be something that that, you know, will be explored in the near future.

🏄‍♂️JOSH: Thank you, Tova. Yeah and all of these small actions, you really you have the whole team with you now. Right? So it's really the four of us trying to support the broader community. And we're really working hard to bring to life this vision of how do we create a digital coworking space that works for people that don't have a team, whether you want to spend time with your friends, or you want to meet other wonderful people within the community? All of these initiatives are, how do we set you up for success? And how do we continue to make this a really special place that everyone loves to be a part of?

So, thanks for showing up. I'll hand it over to anyone that has questions. These could be questions on anything, this is an open time. This could be on features, challenges that you have with the product, reflections that you want to share what's going on with the business, you know, it could be as broad and as open as you feel that you might be interested in asking.

After this, around 10 minutes into the call, we transition into our Q&A.

We cover questions about the bulletin board, spaces, ambassadors, and moving tasks to future Grooves. Take a listen for the details!

See you next month for another town hall ✌️ To RSVP, click here.

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