Get motivated with on-demand 50 minute focus sessions

If you’re looking to stay focused, use your time intentionally, and conquer your to-do list, the pomodoro technique is a commonly suggested and popular tactic.

Hot take… the pomodoro technique is alright. Groove is better 😉

What’s the pomodoro technique?

Simple: You set a timer for 25 minutes. Work for 25 minutes. When the 25 minutes is up, you take a 5 minute break.

Why is Groove a step up from the pomodoro technique?

Get motivation from external accountability

The pomodoro technique works best when you have a lot of self-discipline, but ultimately you can always ignore the timer and do whatever you want.

Groove’s 50-minute sessions are with 1–3 other people. You start the session on video, and quickly say hi and what you’d like to work on during the Groove.

Once the session starts, you go off video for the 50 minutes, crossing off your to-dos until the regroup at the end, where everyone says how it went.

This light amount of external accountability will keep you more committed to staying on track and focused on what you’d like to accomplish.

It’s more fun!

Let’s face it, working by yourself can be lonely. Groove is designed to give you a sense of camaraderie, helping you run into the same familiar faces on Grooves. We’re as much about productivity as we are social health and giving you a place for easy, serendipitous social connection throughout your workday.

Double the length, double the focus

Groove’s free, 50-minute focus sessions are essentially like two pomodoros back-to-back. Those of you who are used to the pomodoro technique might think it’s too long… But with the added external accountability and fun, our users find the length to be the perfect balance of productivity and fun.

On-demand: No scheduling required

You can fit in a 50 minute session whenever and wherever you want. No Google calendar link needed.

Ready to get started?

Here’s how to use Groove instead of the pomodoro technique:

  1. Sign up at

2. Download the mobile app (available for Apple and Android).

3. Finish creating your account.

4. Join or start a 50-minute Groove

With the press of a button you can start, join, or schedule a Groove. Others will quickly join you to get stuff done. You’ll get started with a short video check-in to say hi and share your goal for the session.

5. Dive into your work (off video)

The majority of the Groove is off video. Start conquering your to-do list and building better habits by breaking your goal into tasks. Cheer on your fellow Groovers in the chat.

6. Regroup

After you’ve flowed through your 50-minute Groove, you’ll quickly hop back on video to debrief, share your successes, and wrap up your day knowing you did your best. 🏆

7. Feeling the flow? Start a Groove train.

If you’d like to keep the focus going, hit “Groove again” at the end of your session to hop in another 50-minute Groove. No scheduling required.

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