Voicemail from Taylor 👋 August 7th, 2023

Hey Josh, happy Monday.

I was trying to call you and you didn't pick up. So I was like, why don't I just record my voicemail for the week right now? And record it so other people can listen to what I want to say. I've been doing these interviews this morning with Groovers. And we had our call earlier today with Tova and Sruli talking about next steps with designing new features and whatnot. And the more that we talk about this next build of what we're doing, the more I don't want a "follow model". I'm feeling more and more passionate about it. And I know this isn't going to be something that we all agree on. So that's why I was calling to chat it out.

I think based on what we have been talking about with the available now type feature, and for anyone listening, the concept is mostly that instead of having to start a groove, you could signal that you're around to groove sometime soon. So then you could see the other people that are around and kind of coordinate so that you're not just clicking the button and ending up with whoever happens to hop on in that moment. So you can browse who else is around, check out their profiles, if it's someone that you've never met before, or to see a friend that said that they're available now too, but maybe seven minutes ago and that they'd be ready in a few minutes and you two can coordinate to hop into a groove together at that point. I'm losing why followers are actually helpful in that model if we do shift in that direction. So I'm feeling like we have such an opportunity to make a statement about what it means to meaningfully connect online and to help groovers do that in better ways.

I just got off of a call with a groover who has been around since the early days, and chatting with her just reminds me, there are so many rich things we could be doing with profiles to help people signal why they want to connect with each other, why they are interested in grooving together sometime, and what they have in common. It isn't like a bunch of people saying, oh my god, I just want to be with other entrepreneurs like me, or I just want to be with people in New York City. It's like people want to connect on something deeper, like a layer that's deeper than just I have something in common with you that's an easy tag. And I think about how on LinkedIn, when you send a request to some people, it doesn't always pop up, but when you send a request to some people to be like, how do you know this person? And there's like five different options, like work colleague, an event, whatever. I think there's just opportunity for us in that to do something that's way more meaningful than the LinkedIn options.

And I don't have a good relationship with it. Following is such an empty concept to me, like phrase. And I know that people understand it on a level of a social product. Like, oh, I know if I follow someone, I'll probably be able to see their stuff more. I get that. I just really think we could be doing better. And I don't think you disagree. I think there are benefits to, like, using a phrase at this stage that people get.

I just, I am wondering if there's a way for us to think about this next phase of things with actually eliminating this following type model or conversation and instead build a richer way to connect. That's two-way. I don't know. Something about today, I'm feeling like this one-way connection thing isn't super groovy. Or if it is one way that you have to signal what it is that got you interested about that person so it's not just an empty follow and then someone can make it mutual. Yeah, that's what's alive. I'm curious what you think. Yeah, I'm excited to jam more about it. But I figured I would just capture the uncertainty in a voicemail so everyone can hear it. Hey, everyone. So that's all. All right. I will talk to you soon. Bye.

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