How’s it going, Groovers? We’re pleased as punch to introduce a brand new feature — the Groove bulletin board 📌 We’re taking Groove up a notch: Whereas before we could just offer co-working sessions, we’re evolving into a full-fledged co-working space where Groovers can support and encourage each other asynchronously. It’s all about helping each other out in our journeys to success, both in life and work.

Picture this: you walk into a WeWork or any other physical co-working space, and immediately you’re hit with that special vibe. Maybe there’s a snazzy kitchen right in front of you, some lush greenery by the windows, funky furniture all around, and of course, the good old fashioned bulletin board. That humble bulletin board is where you might find upcoming events, profiles of fellow coworkers, important announcements, and a whole bunch of other interesting local tidbits. It sorta grounds you as a visitor, and adds an extra touch to the co-working experience.

We wanted our bulletin board to be more than just a place for information sharing. We saw it as an opportunity for Groovers to connect with each other asynchronously and offer support as everyone is working on their goals. So, we combined the concept of a bulletin board with the idea of a virtual high five. Whenever you come across a post on the bulletin board that fills you with admiration or just makes you want to spread some positivity, you can hit that little high five icon. It’s your way of saying, “Hey, you’re awesome, and I’m rooting for you!”

We also wanted to bring one of our community’s favorite rituals, which was previously limited to Slack, into the app for everyone to enjoy. You know the drill: at the beginning of the week, you share your goals with fellow Groovers. It could be one big thing or just a few smaller tasks you want to focus on. So many people tell us that making this commitment and putting it out there, helps set them up for success, because it keeps them focused and accountable. Plus, it’s always nice to receive compliments or have someone cheer you on — no matter if you’re feeling particularly ambitious this week, or simply trying to take it one day at a time.

There’s another part to this ritual, too. We’re currently working on adding a feature to the bulletin board that will enable Groovers to share their wins at the end of the week. We can’t wait to be celebrating all of your achievements and having your friends join the party. Whether it’s a major milestone or a teeny tiny triumph, we say — bring on the confetti and let the victory dance begin!

On the team we’ve come to refer to this feature set and this approach as “grown-up social” 😄 That’s because our bulletin boards are not a typical social-media-style ‘feed’. We’re not here to waste your time or turn Groove into a popularity contest. We’re aiming to foster connection, productivity, and a touch of fun in this crazy busy world. So let’s dive into some of the quirkier design details we’ve incorporated to do that:

1. Limited posting

You can’t go on a posting spree and inundate the board with an infinite number of your goals. Our ritual is all about sharing your goal at the beginning of the week. Once you post, your goal gets a sprinkle of celebration confetti, and others can see it, get inspired, and give you those uplifting high fives.

2. Limiting comparison to others

We’ve deliberately chosen not to display the number of high fives on each post as you scroll through the bulletin board. Instead, once a post receives three or more high fives, you’ll see a little ellipsis (…) indicating there’s a bunch of love attached to it. We didn’t want numbers to become a source of comparison or competition. After all, we all know that comparison is the enemy of creativity. However, don’t worry, you can still see the complete (un-numbered) list of Groovers who high-fived your goal or someone else’s by tapping on the adorable little avatars. It’s always a boost to see who’s cheering you on!

3. Short, sweet posting

When we encourage you to write your goals, we keep it short and sweet. No need for a novel or a grand performance. We respect each other’s time and believe in being authentic without the need for excess fluff. So, when Taylor prompts you with a question about your goals for the week, it’s intentionally designed for you to focus on just one or a few things that you want to tackle head-on. It’s all about clarity and getting straight to the point.

4. Minimizing distractions

You might have noticed that even though we’ve introduced the bulletin board, we haven’t taken over the entire Groove app’s home screen. We didn’t want it to distract you from getting right into the Groove and focusing on your tasks at hand. (We also understand that some of you are super-duper focused and prefer not to see the bulletin board all the time. We hear you, and we’re exploring adding an option to collapse it to take up even less space.)

We hope you’ve been enjoying our bulletin board, and if you haven’t given it a try yet, now’s the perfect time! Here’s a sneak peek of some more goodies coming down the pipeline too:

  • Soon, you’ll be able to reply to people’s goals, so you can be your friends’ very own cheering squad. How awesome is that?
  • We’ll be adding a dedicated section on the bulletin board for you to share your wins, just like we mentioned earlier. Revel in those accomplishments!
  • Need some tech support? Want to make a feature request? These things will be moving from Slack into the bulletin board so there’s no more need to be switching between apps. Huzzah!

We’re so excited to see the goals you’re working on this week, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you when you crush them like a boss.

See you in the Groove🕺

We’re a coworking space and community of like-minded individuals on a quest to live life differently.

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