Voicemail from Taylor 👋 August 28th, 2023

Beep! Hey, Josh. I'm recording this from Connecticut, so maybe you can hear the bugs. I'm sitting next to my family's dog, Brody, who's wearing his cute little lobster bandana today. And we're recording this together.

So, what's feeling alive for me this week is really just an energy to get started. We left Friday with a lot of ideas about marketing moving forward. And, you know, we've been doing these interviews with a bunch of Groovers, and we just got out that survey last week, which included benefits of how Groovers change their life, and a little bit more insight about who people are, and also their thoughts on pricing. So, I feel like we just have a lot of great info now that we can start executing on some of these marketing things, and really have the community's insights at the core of those ideas. So, I'm really excited about that.

I feel, you know, we talked about on Friday this idea of seeding Groove with people who we think are awesome fits, and doing it more on a personal basis. And I'm really curious to think outside the box how we can do that in a powerful way, and find those people. Also, part of me is just excited to have a document with their names, and their emails, and links, and have it be color-coded, like who reached out to who, and how did we reach out, and what did we test. So, I'm really excited for that testing period of what works, and figuring that out. As we reach out to these folks. So, that's feeling really alive today.

I am also getting really excited about this version 2 of the product, and figuring out what is the minimum viable experiment, or version, that we can put out by October, and then get the rest of it out in the coming months. But I think just having dates on our minds now, of when things will get shipped and done, is just really helpful, and allows us to kind of play within a container of, okay, what do we want to get done before that date?

So, yeah, that's what's feeling alive for me right now. I'm excited for this week to get started on some of these marketing ideas. I feel like we've been in some pretty high-level strategy conversations, and then all this research with gathering community insights, the last few weeks, that I'm ready for a real go-go-go kind of a week, where by Friday we're like, wow, so much happened. So, that's the energy I'm bringing into this Monday, and I'm curious to hear what's alive for you.

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