Voicemail from Josh 👋 July 26th

Beep! Hey Taylor

It is crazy how quickly things are moving right now for us. Well, it feels like a lifetime ago that we were together here in Virginia and I'm just sat outside with my dog and someone else on the farm's dog who's meandering about doing a bit of exploring.

I'm just trying to process what's happening because in this re-imagining of the next version of Groove, which for anyone else listening, I'm so excited for you all to play with.

I think is a bit of a way down the line, but to really know that the promise that we hope to live up to is to help everyone be surrounded by people that light them up all day and create a way for people to build meaningful professional friendships. It's just so exciting. We're still gonna deliver that core value of people being productive just makes me really happy.

The thing that's most alive for me right now and is where we go round and round in circles is quite a product-focused conversation of how when we roll out these new ideas and are we learning in real time? How does [the learnings] shape what we build first? How do we get new people to an evolving promise that goes from where we are to where we want to be in the smoothest way, in the quickest way as we can?

Right now I don't think that's clear. I think what's clear is it has to start with the onboarding. But what do we need to actually build to be able to do that onboarding? Do we need the new social infrastructure? Do we need a new home screen?

(I'm just being surrounded by dogs right now, and a dog that's somewhat curious and afraid of me at the same time)

The ordering of this feels very, very unobvious. And therefore, I'm hoping, as always, that maybe it's gonna become clear by talking to more users. Really, that's what I'm hoping for. And that might be, by the way, showing prototypes or wireframes to users and getting feedback. And I think that's something we could already be doing today or tomorrow. There's enough new things that if we showed them to some of our users, we might learn something from their reflections. And if we can lower the stakes and do it in more informal ways, with language, with products, with features, we might gain like what could really add the most value quickly?

This phase is really the messy middle, the messy middle of the middle, right? But in this transition to a new product, building it in the right way is gonna allow us to bring value to new groovers as soon as possible, Rather than having to wait for a fully polished product that we don't know is gonna work And that's really that's really all that's moving around in my head, this is definitely just a day where it's like, oh, I don't know where we go next. But let's take what we have and let's show it to people and see if that helps us figure out what the next step is gonna be.

So, I'm curious what's alive for you in this week as we go back and forth between big conversations, big picture and small details. But for anyone else listening, this is like the birthing of something new. That's not obvious where we go from here. And it's really exciting because it's the first time in a while that I think we're gonna be able to deliver on the things that are important to all of you and help you build out a world for you that is rich, that is supportive, that is fun, that is productive, and it will be a new groove.

So, Taylor, what's alive for you?

That's where my head at after this long day.

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