Voicemail from Taylor 👋 July 27th

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Hey Josh, I'm recording this from my roof in New York. It's a real feel of a hundred degrees, which I did not realize until I was coming up here, so luckily there's a breeze. But it is definitely melting season in New York.

I just listened to your voice note and I don't know if you do this too. I think you do, but I like, I send myself text all the time or Slack notes, so as you were talking I just texted myself a bunch of things that I wanted to comment on. So when I came up here I had them, I had them all there, which is funny because I easily could open up a note on my phone and write them not in a text, but for some reason my go-to is always to text myself or to slack myself, and since I'm on the move and I don't have slack downloaded on my phone, a text it is today.

But anyways, okay, yeah, you know, I think your questions around how we are going to roll this out and in what phase and how we're learning are all super valid and like I'm right there with you. I think your suggestion around showing wireframes to Groovers, I think maybe I said that in a previous voice note or just thought it, but I would love to get some Groovers inside of Figma with us so that they can share how things are resonating with them, and I think the important thing there is I would really like to focus on showing them to people who have joined in the last few months, because the reality is is they came into a different Groove than people who have been around for two years, and you know, I think that's the thing that's top of mind for me right now, is like, you know, someone who joined last month knows a Groove that is more social. They know a Groove where there is conversation happening asynchronously in the app. They know a Groove where, you know, maybe their friend invited them in and they're able to private Groove together. They know a Groove where chats even exist.

You know, we have Groovers that have been around and consistently Groove every single week who literally remember the days where it was a one button app. There were no chats. There was no way to look up anyone. There was no way to coordinate inside of Groove. Hey, are you hopping in another? None of that. And so while I value those early Groovers opinions and experiences, and we absolutely should include some of them in this fig jam, figma session that I'm talking about, I'm very, very curious about those folks that have come in in the last couple of months and to hear what they think, because, you know, what we're holding right now is kind of this, like, something about Groove isn't working. We know that, you know, something about it hasn't been working. And at the end of the day, if every Groover came in and they invited at least one of their friends, and that person became a consistent Groover, and that person invited one of their friends, and that person became a consistent Groover, and it continued to have that domino effect, we wouldn't be having this conversation of, like, what's version two of Groove? Or how do we, you know, as you said, like, how do we birth this new version of it? Because we wouldn't need to. We would already be in a place where it was growing, and we found product market fit, and we found something that was working, for lack of, you know, a better better phrase.

And so I think that, yeah, I guess, that's something I'm holding is, I wonder if you can hear the sirens of New York City in the background, but it's something that I'm holding because, you know, I think it's interesting. It's like, you know, when you go to an event for the first time, and it's something really, really special. It's your first one. It's tiny. It's intimate. It's so special. And then you go back five years later, and maybe you've gone for those five years, but you get to the fifth year, and you're suddenly like, huh, it's feeling a little different around here. The people that have shown up are a little bit different. They're looking for something a little bit different than I am out of this thing. Maybe the website and the branding of this company that runs this event has changed a bit.

Like, we're in that process right now. And like you said, I think Groovers are gonna be very excited about where we're heading, but I'm also under the understanding some people aren't gonna be excited. Some people are gonna say, you know what, I don't need anything more complex. I want it to be simple. I really just want the button to Groove now. I want to hang out with the people I've already met on here who are amazing. I don't need to discover more people. I'm good. And that's great. I mean, keep coming. Keep coming. We love having you. And also, we really need to be building the future of this with those folks who have shown more promise in recent months of inviting their friends and those friends activating and grooving.

So, you know, I guess that's what I'm holding, is like, we have this incredible community that has been with us for two years and trying to figure out what's going to be the best feature to build for the people who have been there for two years versus building a feature that, you know, for someone who is just entering Groove or has been here for two weeks and is really looking to find awesome people to Groove with and find a crew of people that they hang out with consistently, it's different needs and different wants. And we want people to be able to get to the place where they have those crews like the people who've been here for a while have.

But we really got to focus on this early stage. So, yeah, I think, I guess what's swirling through my head is, is who are we listening to right now in this stage and what are we asking them? And I think the questions we're asking Groovers who've been around a while are quite different than the questions we're asking Groovers who've been here for a few weeks, a month, a day, three days, which, you know, isn't a surprise.

I guess it's just feeling very alive for me right now and that, you know, I guess just kind of recognizing like you're not going to please everyone when you build something that's new and when you make a shift in how people connect or what features are prioritized. And that's just part of building a product that people love and really want to succeed and really want to be theirs and for their ideas to be included. So, yeah, that's what I'm holding today is like this feeling of like vulnerability of we can't please every single person. But I'm really, I actually take back that but because I think a but usually contradicts whatever just came before and it's definitely not doing that. We can't please every single person. And I hope that version two of Groove really, really is exciting and energizing and fun and something that people just can't wait to share with their friends for the majority of current Groovers. And I think, I think we're building that with it that mind. So, yeah, that's what's on my mind today. I hope you have a great rest of your week and I'll chat with you later. Bye.

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