Voicemail from Josh 👋 July 17th, 2023

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Beep! Hey Taylor.

So firstly thanks for coming to visit last week. It was so nice to have the whole team here and I think there were some really great conversations

I think before I even get into answering your sort of exploration for last week, it feels like there is a new moment for us that has gone from listening over the last few months to really starting to build solutions. And obviously these things will continue to evolve. But I think that there's a real shift into a new phase of groove.

It really connects to your question in some ways. You know, I guess I listen to this more control, more specificity over my relationships and understanding how those relationships fit into a broader context and just having a richer picture of what it means to have a mutual connection. And it really comes back to why, why is that important? Because I think that drives all of the new features that we're building.

And with something like LinkedIn, what are you trying to build? What kind of relationship or connection are you trying to build? Often, In my own experience, it's highly transactional. It's  looking for someone that I want to hire or someone that we want to partner with or an investor. So those are like my own use cases.

But I think what's profound for myself and for the groove community at large is what's happening inside groove. What is it that we're really trying to build? Or what is it that we're really seeing could have profound impact into people's lives.

Maybe a slight tension there is Groove we started with this very simple question of how does it, how do we make it feel fun to co-work with other people? How do we make it feel like the energy of a coffee shop or or the buzz of a great co-working space when you're sat in your home? And that's so multifaceted and we saw that people are coming in to really primarily, initially for the utility of that. And that's what gets people going. But as it become explicitly clear, the reason that people stay in groove is not for the utility, that is an underpinning of it, but for the kind of relationships they're building here. And we've had a lot of conversations and we haven't found language that really describes this. And I'm curious if there's anything, this is like a sub-question, but curious if there's anything that's alive for you about articulating what it is that these relationships are. We've been casually, internally, calling them professional friendships, something that's much more than a co-worker, but still has a connotation of my professional life related to it.

And in building those it takes time because you're building trust, you're building understanding that you have to go on a journey together to get there. And therefore it sort of brings me back to, if what I'm looking to do is to build daily support and ways to, mutual support, and ways to surround myself with great people on a regular basis, understanding the context becomes much more important. And delivering the right people for us and our job of like helping Sharp with relevance is so much more important. And I think that's lots of what came out of last week.

For anyone else listening, I think we're just at the beginning of a new phase of Groove, and I'm really excited to roll out a bunch of new stuff over the coming months, which is maybe not for this voicemail, But that profound shift towards helping people build these meaningful professional relationships, friendships.

And doing it in the context of helping everyone build their dream co-working spaces I think starts to highlight why, where we need to go with providing clarity of what the relevance of relationships looks like. Because who do I want in my co-working space? Yes, often I want my friends and my existing relationships and people I know. But as I discover others, Nothing provides trust like a meaningful mutual contact or meaningful mutual relationship. Not someone that I met once at a meetup or a networking event. But someone that I've traveled through the world with, worked on a project extensively, or been on an adventure, or gone to college with. So I very much resonate with building solutions for that. I'd like to see how that really comes out, and I'm sure the community are going to be vocal about what is meaningful in making those decisions. So thank you for opening that up.

I think what's interesting is what's alive for me right now, and maybe I'll just leave it as a question for myself and for you, but how in this phase of a new vision, how do we now co-create this next phase of Groove with our community? What is it that we do, how do we continue our conversation? How do we get insights and learnings and feedback quickly? Because I think what we became clear about is that our new vision can work on a different level of scale and still deliver the intimacy that Groovers currently experience.

Over the next couple of months as we're building some of the more sort of meaty parts of the product to help everyone create their own dream co-working space that people can hang out in and have fun, meaningful and productive days.

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