Voicemail from Taylor 👋 July 31st, 2023

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Beep. Hey Josh! Happy Monday. I am just getting out of writing the Groove newsletter and we haven't talked on the phone yet today, so I was like, I'm gonna go ahead and record my voicemail to you before I actually hear your voice this week. What's alive for me today?

I posted a voicemail on, I think it was Thursday, and it was really cool. We got our first response in the comments, so for anyone listening, someone sent me a voice note, a voice memo afterward on LinkedIn in a message and asked a question, which was so cool. When Josh and I originally started doing these, we had talked about maybe doing them on a platform like Async, which is a lovely tool. If anyone hasn't tried it out, try, but found that probably wasn't the best use case given what we're doing right now for what we're looking for, but if anyone wants to send us a voicemail, a voice note, whatever you want to call it, we would love to hear it. And if you want to say beep at the beginning to make it sound like one of ours, that would make me smile as well.

So anyways, we got a really cool question where someone had asked, hey, I heard you're doing research, you know, they listen to our voicemails, heard you're doing research, you're paying attention to these new users on Groove, how do you know that those new users are the people that you should be listening to when you're building a version two of something? You know, how do you know they're going to like version two if what they've experienced is version one, even though they're new? And I think it's such a great question, and I'm definitely reducing it down to like something simple, but Josh, I guess, you know, I wanted to respond to it publicly here so that you can hear my response, and I also sent them an individual note, but you know, when we think about building Groove, I think the key thing is I go back to like, we're not serving up this version two on a silver platter being like, hey Groovers, look what we created for you. Like that is not our approach, and I hope that Groovers don't feel that way at all. You know, we have always wanted Groove to be something that we're co-creating with Groovers, and so this next version two will be co-created with Groovers from all different points in that journey.

So again, to kind of just comment on the note from last week, Josh and I are putting together right now lists of some Groovers who are at different stages in their Grooving journey and asking them different questions based on where they are. So for example, new Groovers who have never even opened the app before, we're going to have some conversations with them around onboarding and what they expect out of onboarding before they've even gone through it. Then we're going to talk to some people who've recently gone through the onboarding of Grooving one time and hear a little bit about their experience and what could be better and improved, where we missed the mark, and all that good stuff. And we'll be talking to Groovers who've been Grooving for a while and who can really add a lot of valuable perspective onto this social model that we're looking to create, where basically, I don't know what the right word is. I don't want to say the word follow because we're not committed to it yet, but the idea basically is that instead of doing orbit requests, where you have to request to see someone's Grooves and then see your Grooves and then you can't send them a message until someone's accepted. And it's kind of this awkward thing right now. We've heard that from a lot of Groovers who've been around for a while. We're looking at something that's lighter than that. So think like a follow model where it doesn't have to be mutual, but maybe if something is mutual, it then unlocks different benefits. So anyways, we're gonna be talking with some pro-Groovers about that. So Josh, all of that is feeling very alive for me right now, and just as we head into this week, prioritizing that research because I think it'll really inform next steps.

And what else was the other thing I was going to say? Oh, the other thing alive for me right now too, it's funny. Now that we've been a team of four for several months now, I feel like one of the things that I've been sort of unconsciously doing is starting work earlier, knowing that like Sterling and Tova are over on the other side of the world and like we, you know, we want to play catch up on Slack and emails and stuff when they wake up so that we have more overlapping hours. But it's like 70 degrees in New York this morning, beautiful, barely a cloud in the sky. And I'm not a morning human, as you know. And so I got up this morning, set my alarm for 7:45am and got up and went for a run, and did the little outdoor run with Peloton instructor in my earbuds. So she was like telling me when to sprint and when to like jog and when to walk. And it was such a good exercise and such a great way to start the day. Like, I just feel like I started with so much energy this morning going into work and, you know, didn't sign on until like 9.45.

So I think I'm just putting it out there that that's also a lie for me today is like listening to my energy and recognizing that working out in the morning, if I make time for it and I start working later, is something I think I need to prioritize and test over the next couple of weeks. So yeah, I thought I would just include that in the voice note because as you can probably tell, I have a lot of energy in this voicemail. Yeah. All right. Cool. Curious what's alive for you this week. And I'm excited to see you again in person next week.

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