Voicemail from Taylor 👋 July 18th, 2023

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Beeep. Hey, Josh, I just got back to New York and listened to your voicemail. So, I want to record some insights and thoughts while they're fresh.

Wow, there's so much in there. I guess I'm going to answer your question which was around as we think about this future vision for what Groove will be and how do we bring current Groovers along for that journey. And I think we have a few things set up in place that I'm really excited to lean on.

So one are our town halls, we have a town hall coming up this Thursday. For anyone that's listening to this, I will totally link to it. And these town halls have really served as a way for us to share with the Groove community what we're thinking about, and answer any questions that they have. And just share like, these are our priorities right now, very transparently. So I think that those will come in handy more as we think about this future for Groove.

I also think that we're going to want to be pairing our new features with more blog articles, where we explain the why behind how features were built, why they were built, what insights were at the core of why we built them this way. Because I do think that Groovers want to learn that type of stuff and understand it. Especially because so many of the things we talked about last week, are things that are going to be built based on current Gruber's experiences and insights. So to be able to see yourself and your comments and your concerns, and ideas in that is a pretty cool experience.

Check out this quick list from Slack that captures some of the current Groovers' insights that are top of mind as we build this next version of Groove.

I also think that one of my biggest perspectives on building community is, let's not serve it up on a silver platter and be like, hey, community members, look, at what we've built for you. I definitely don't want to do that. I want Groovers to be a part of that process. So we may also explore having some sort of a jam session with Groovers, where we do a sneak peek into some of the features that we are planning to build and get feedback from them. I think that would be really, really cool. Like before they're built, trying to understand like, are these addressing the things that they've mentioned. And it might be going back to some of the people that we did some recent research with some interviews with and saying, Hey, you brought this up in your interview? Would this solution be a good fit for what you mentioned? Is it missing anything? Is it not satisfying it? If so, what would satisfy it? So I think that type of stuff would be really cool. Of course, we want to move fast and get these features out there. But being able to hit pause to bring Groovers along for that journey and iterate from there would be a really special cool thing for us to be doing. Which I mean, we normally do, it's just I think, as we think about this vision, being a bit bigger and shift in how we're positioning Groove and talking about Groove and what it's like for people to build up their dream coworking space on Groove, I think that it's bigger than other features we've done this with. So that's why I'm shouting that out.

As far as the phrase "professional friendships", I don't have anything better as of right now. And I think that the key insight is, yes, we're using it internally. I think we should go to the community and ask them how they would define these relationships, because they're going to have the answers that we don't have. So that's, that's gonna be on my to do list for this week is trying to figure out how they define them. And then using their words to explain what this special relationship is like.

And you know, one of the things that you brought up, as well, I don't know if it was in your voicemail, or maybe it was in Slack was around why I cared so much my last voicemail to you about the transparency of relationship. And it's interesting, because I kind of think of it like an onion that has layers. So when you're building relationships, in general in life, sometimes you're given a really warm welcome. So if I'm at a party, and I say, oh my gosh, Josh, you need to know my friend Tova. Tova has these things in common with you. She's had this life experience in common with you. And you both really value "Y". And then I could leave you two to chit chat. And it would be a really warm, welcoming way for you to interact. And because I was there to give you some trust that Tova is a cool human and a little bit of insight into who she is. You're able to accelerate the process of getting to know each other and be so many more layers deep into the onion of unlocking your relationship. Then if you just walked up to Tova and didn't have any introduction, especially if you walked up to Tova not in the orientation that oh, this is a friend of mine, but instead walked up to Tova like on the streets, like because Tova, was in the same room, as you and I, there's automatically something in common between us. So that's what I'm thinking about when I think about the transparency of relationships is like, if Groove can visually peel back the layers of that relationship, onion to get people closer to having a meaningful relationship sooner, by me being able to say, hey, I really do know this person. And there's trust that's built between Groovers. Because of that, I think it's just going to accelerate relationships even more. And it's not something that other social platforms are doing right now. And that's why I brought up LinkedIn because LinkedIn doesn't do that at all first, connections really don't carry a lot of weight because of what I was describing my last voicemail. So accelerating those relationships and that level of trust, I think is key for this next phase of Groove.

So yeah, I guess those are all my responses as far as what's feeling alive for me. And a question back to you. Huh? Well, I guess you've already recorded your voicemail this week. So I don't necessarily need to put a question back to you. But when you do listen to this, I'm curious what is feeling alive for you in how we shift our marketing. Now that we have this new vision for Groove, how quickly do we shift that marketing to capture the vision versus the reality when we are building things? So, that's it for me. All right, catch you soon. Bye!

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