Voicemail from Josh 👋 June 15th, 2023

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Taylor, that's such an un-Josh thing to do but as that's how you began your voicemail to me, I will kick off like that.

And I think I'll start by just sharing where I imagined myself. It's funny because obviously, I would conventionally be sat in an office. But I think the image that I want people to have is, as you might be able to hear the birds and nature around me.

So it makes me think of... in England, you just go to the red phone boxes, and they could be in the most random place, like in the middle of the country side in the middle of nowhere. So it's like I've been walking, I'm imagining, I've been walking, and I've had this like thought they have to share with you. So I found a phone box, and I called you, but you weren't there to pick up. So I left you this voice now.

So that's where I am.

And thanks for sharing what was going on for you a couple of days ago.

I've been mulling over it. And, and I wanted to start by just sharing how much resonance there is about experimentation, for everyone listening, you know, there's more experiments that we want to and probably need to run then than the four of us can.

And really, that's how we learn. The only way that we can learn how to make this product better for you is by trying new things, talking to you and and then turning those insights into experiments and learning and iterating on it.

And I think what's most alive for me, it's nice that I've been thinking about this for a few days. And also, for anyone else listening, it's it's really been a big exploration of mine. Of, of when you can only experiment on a few things. Where should we focus on?

And the the meta theme or the big theme that's alive for us right now is? How are we setting new users up for success? I think, Taylor, I appreciate the specifics of how do you bring a friend in and make them feel special.

As we're seeing in the product, there are there's a group of users, group of Groovers that get on and you guys just you're gonna win from day one.

You meet a great group of humans, you get into the flow, you have some good things to work on. And it's just like, okay, cool. This is really natural for me, I want to be part of this community, I want to have group as part of my life.

And now, now we're starting to see another group who really also want to be part of the group community,  that might need a little bit more support.

And that's really where my mind is at the moment, it's for someone who sees groove, has been recommended groove in the early days of groove, it was very difficult for people to recommend groove to friends or to colleagues or to peers And be effective at getting people into into the groove.

And we're starting to see that soften a little bit. As the products grown, as we've smoothed out some rough edges. And at the same time, we really see that there's some work that we've got to do to help someone win.

Whether it's knowing that there are the right people emerging in the community that that you want to meet, and maybe you didn't meet them in your first session. But they're there to meet, there are other ways to connect with them.

That you can, you can find a good cadence or rhythm of grooving, if it's not obvious to you.

And sometimes you just need a little bit of nudge and support until you get going.

So for a few people that might be listening [that have spoken with Tova], Tova has been having conversations with new Groovers to understand what has been helpful for them, what could be more helpful for them?

And, and that's really the focus of all of us now. How do we really support new Grievers coming into the community?

And anyone that's listening right now I think, I think I'm curious [to share this question with you and] Taylor,

How can we help more established Groovers help new Groovers? And what can [we do] to give new people that are joining the community the best chance of building a habit of seeing the value of Groove and doubling down on that and making that a central part of their life?

So thanks for opening the question Taylor and have a great weekend.

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