Voicemail from Taylor 👋 June 13th, 2023

Beep. Hey, Josh, it's me.

Here I am recording our very first voicemail that will be published on our blog.

Listeners, hello! Welcome! Josh and I thought this would be a fun way to share a little bit about what we're thinking about on a regular basis with the Groove community and beyond.

Obviously, when you're building a startup, there are a lot of insights all the time. And, we thought it would be fun to just share those on a regular basis, things that we're thinking about, dreaming about questioning all this stuff, and once a week hit record, to share something that's feeling alive.

So that's what this is.

I thought it would be fun to make a little beep noise at the beginning and make it really feel like a voicemail. So as you're listening, the image I want in your mind is me with a corded hamburger phone and I'm picking up the phone and calling Josh and leaving him a voicemail.

So that's the image I want listeners to have. Josh, I would love to hear what image you would love your listeners, the listeners, our listeners to picture when you were sending me a voicemail back.

But anyways, hey, Josh. So what's very light for me right now is I just finished reading Traction, which, for any listeners, it's a great book, Josh recommended it to me.

I finished it last night. And something that's just feeling like on fire after reading that book. So alive, it is on fire, is that I just want to experiment all the time. We've been testing new experiments. We started some this week. But I just wish we could run like a million. And it's so hard to choose which experiments to run in which things are the most important to prioritize learning right now...or asking or playing with.

One of the things that I thought about and was scribbling in the margins last night in my book was: How could we make the experience of joining Groove through a friend—like if your friend invites you—how could we make it so special, and help you feel like you're really a part of something and that that friend is
really cool for inviting you and that you are getting this extra warm welcome, because you're a friend of let's say Victoria, and you feel really seen by that whole experience.

And I feel like reading it and having these ideas in the margins. I'm like, oh, there are so many things I wish I could change about our referral experience right now. But then again, we're talking before, and we're trying to prioritize things. And maybe that will be the thing that we prioritize as we get these new learnings from the experiments from this week, and the ambassador program, but there are just so many things on my mind that I want to experiment and try.

One concrete example is inside of the Groove app where we have the share page on the bottom. Well, one thing is, I would love to play with that word, I don't love the word share for that button. And I don't love the emoji that we use for it. But that's like a whole other discussion. So it's like, I wish we could change and test and experiment, what would perform best and inviting friends that way.

I wish that when you click that button, we had the data on how many people are clicking that button and sharing their link with a friend. And then that friend isn't hopping into Groove. Because right now we can only track people who have successfully referred people, new Groovers. And so I'm just like wishing we had that data, I'm wishing we could experiment with testing new language on that share page once you land there, because we just don't have enough insight about what would be powerful there.

Inside of Traction, they were talking about how improving things just 1% like improving a button that gets you even just 1% closer to a user referring a friend can completely change the game down the line because that 1% compounds over time. And if you continue to refer people and refer people and refer people changing things to make 1% more Groovers share Groove with a friend could be really, really powerful.

So, that's what I'm fired up about today is feeling this overwhelm of all of the experiments we could do, but also feeling validated reading Traction and getting to the end and recognizing that these experiments do matter that we've been doing and these little insights, even if they don't seem super big but they do lead to a change here or there can make a difference overtime.

So, that's what's on my mind.

What is feeling alive for you today?

Hey listeners! 👋 Would love for you to join the conversation. Please share your thoughts, questions, and/or what's feeling alive for you after listening in the comments below. ⬇️

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