Voicemail from Taylor 👋 July 13th, 2023

Beep. Hey, Josh. Good morning. We are in the Blue Ridge Mountains together this week for anyone listening. So, Tova and Sruli are here too. They flew in from Israel. It's beautiful. I'm sitting under a giant tree right now that has white flowers on it and a cute little bench with my feet on one of the kind of like, one of the branches. But this tree is huge. So like, I mean, a branch is bigger than my body. It's a great climbing tree.

But anyways, what's feeling alive for me this morning is I'm thinking about orbits. We had these discussions last night about like, how do orbits (or some sort of segmentation of who your people are on Groove) factor into this experience as we keep building it. And it's funny because I feel like there's tension between wanting it to be simple. But also, I think there's a good argument for it to not be simple. So like on LinkedIn, LinkedIn first-degree connections, they mean something. First degree, I'm like, "Well, I know that a chunk of those people are people that my friends know". If I looked at Josh's LinkedIn, and I was like, Oh, we have like, X number of first-degree connections, I'd be like, great. A lot of those people are probably people Josh knows. But also, he may have just accepted requested requests, like, I don't know what his policy is for how lenient he is about accepting LinkedIn requests. So some of those people, he probably doesn't know. But they might be more like, second-degree connections, like he had someone in common with someone, so then he was like, "Sure, you can be my first degree". So there's a lack of transparency of what that relationship actually is. And I feel like we have an opportunity to do something different with that. And I guess, I picture that Groovers, can manage that. So within their first three-degree connections inside of Groove, and we're not gonna use that phrasing of first degree, but I think it's for the sake of the voicemail it's fine. But, for the first-degree connections, within that there are going to be people that they know, in real life, there are going to be people who they thought looked really cool on the app, so they wanted to add them. There are going to be people who are a friend of a friend, and they met inside of Groove through being in a Groove altogether. And so now they're in each other's circles, orbits, whatever you want to call it, first-degree connections. I think those are, those are the main groups, maybe I'm missing one. Honestly, it's morning, and my brain's not totally functioning yet. But like, these first-degree connections, my point is like, there are a variety of ways that they know each other. Oh, here's another one, like, if we know each other on social media, so like, if someone is imported from my LinkedIn contacts, for example, and you see that we're connected that way. That is just really a big question mark, because you really don't know how I know that person. Versus if I was able to somehow give a stamp of approval of like, these are the people I really know. And share that versus there's like another outer layer, which is people who I know of, or like we've met before, but they're like, not people I'm close with yet. How would that help the Grooving experience?

And I guess my point being, if Josh, were—just got a massive bug bite—If Josh were in a Groove and was matched up with someone that is one of my first-degree connections, I would love for him to be able to know if that is someone that I am actually super close with, or someone that I am like a LinkedIn connection, like a mystery of like, well, we sort of know each other, we run in similar circles, that type of thing. So I feel like there's an incredible opportunity, especially for new Groovers. What a cool thing if they join Groove through one of their friends, and then their friend has a close friend on Groove and you're able to see that whole connection. And as we talked about earlier this week, I think the magic comes in fact that like Josh doesn't need to be in that Groove. What an incredible thing if, if I'm able to meet one of Josh's closest friends on Groove without him needing to be at the center. So I still stand by that. And I guess for anyone listening last night we were trying to discuss, how simple do we make this and how other social platforms have made it quite simple, first-degree and second-degree and not needing that explanation, but basically like, Do we really believe that the benefits of creating those more complicated networks were it is more specific, does it help? And what's public versus what's private?

You know, like, part of me wants Josh to be able to see, like, I would love for Josh, who's in my, my inner circle, my orbit, my coworking space, my dream space, I would love for him to be able to see who else is in my space. I think that's very cool for him to be able to scroll and see that, but I don't know that I need anyone to scroll and see that. But just, it's like, I would love to grant Josh access to that, because then maybe he could meet cool people through my list, and I would love to be able to see his list. So I think it's interesting because we're basically saying, are we taking a stance first group connections actually mean something on Groove? And then is there like another layer that's kind of like 1.5 degree which is like I sorta know this person, but like, they're not my close friends. Yeah, so that's what's alive for me this mornin. Curious was life for you. And thanks, everyone, for listening as I completely explore that. And just kind of let loose with my inner brain workings. I feel like there definitely there was not a solid thread in this voicemail that carried me through the whole way. But I think exploring these relationships is just really, really interesting to me. And I think there's an opportunity for us to do it better than anyone else. Okay. Bye.

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