Voicemail from Josh 👋 July 6th, 2023


Hey Taylor, so it's a bit of a short week so I'm only collecting my thoughts now on Thursday but there's lots brewing in my mind and I'm very excited to have you here on the farm with the rest of the team next week. I'm looking forward to some of the conversations that I think really need to happen in person for us to get our creative juices really flowing, which is very cool.

And, you know, I guess that's what's running around in our heads right now. It's still the same big question of how are we helping people get set up for success in Groove? How are we making the early part of grooving as magical as the experience once you've built your crew and you found your habit and it really is the place that you journey through life with other people.

I guess what's very alive for me today, you know, maybe we'll start with, it's been really interesting hearing people over the last few days, for anyone else listening, we've spoken to a number of people really specifically through the lens of "how was Groove shared with you and how you helped to get set up to Grooving and how have you helped other people join Groove?"

It's interesting to see features like scheduled private Grooves come up and this desire to really help people land and help people understand what they're coming into. Which I think are important functional pieces. But yesterday I had a very interesting call that really brought up, like, really challenged me in ways of fundamentals of what we're building. And I'm excited to explore those and hear what comes up for you. I spoke to a great product expert and he was leading with the principle of how do we deliver the immediacy of Groove whenever someone discovers Groove that they can capitalize on that excitement and turn that into a Groove experience. But maybe most people discover Grooves in the evening, but Grooving in the evening is not when we're bringing people off the wait list or welcoming them into the community or there's no welcome grooves and there's just less people grooving in those hours.

So how can we create an immediacy of experience in those moments? What would it be like to create something that when people created a Groove account and landed in the app that straight away they could jump into something? And at the same time didn't have to overcome so many barriers. Who am I going to Groove with? What are all of these features? How could we streamline the experience so it's really magical, really immediate? And curious your reflections that come up or thoughts that come up about delivering the immediacy of the experience without having to complicate it or how can we simplify it and still make it really magical that the right people are there for instance.

And alongside immediacy, I think for the first time in a long time I felt challenged again in a healthy way about is video the right way that people want to come into Groove? Is that is that too overwhelming? And alongside video, [is the question of] is a 50-minute Groove, the right length Groove to begin your Groove journey? All big open questions that I'm excited to challenge ourselves on.

I'm excited to challenge ourselves on because right now we're not looking for incremental tweaks as much as ways that we can shift the experience fundamentally to open up the possibilities of really allowing Groove to impact more people at scale.

Alongside that, I know the other theme that has come out in the research and has been very alive, and I'm curious to hear some of your reflections on it, is the fact that you've been exploring this book, Social Chemistry, And I'd really like to hear how relationships develop?, how people connect people to other people?.

I don't really want to speak for the book, but I really want to open it up to hear a little bit more about what has been emergent and how that ties into the work we're doing about helping people come into a Groove, feel the magic, and get themselves set up for success in the long term.

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