Voicemail from Josh 👋 June 30th, 2023


Hey, Taylor, not feeling 100% today, but I was listening to your voicemail and I was really appreciating the you expand a little bit more in the comments about relationships and actually in this place, it made me think about who, who in my life shows up for me. And how are those relationships formed because I've had way too many moments in my life where I meet someone, it's highly transactional, nothing's ever really built. And it doesn't really last.

And that there's something that happens with people that I went to college with, or school or spent time working with every day. But now I'm not in the same job. That those relationships were built over microinteractions through shared experiences, through ups and downs. And I was thinking, because I Grooved earlier with one of the early Groovers, who was asking for ways to collaborate with other Groovers. And he said something very interesting, which was, there's like a seal of approval that I trust someone because they're a group. And I had a conversation with another group recently, who said that there's a very powerful value filter on our community, by the nature of the practice and the ritual that brings us together, that is a very quick indicator that this is someone that I might want to collaborate with.

And, and we're all looking for the quality humans to connect with and collaborate with and just move through the world. And as you mentioned, the directory all these all these shortcuts to finding people. There's never a shortcut to building a relationship.

And one of the things that we've seen is Groove definitely provides a facilitator to accelerate, building relationships.

And for me, that's where I'm excited. It's like, how can we be intentional about people, people have a desire as a Groovers, to connect with other Groovers? And how do we build something that's super in line with that, that can help people on that early process to find the people that they do want to foster real relationships with? And that could be collaborating, or networking or no-working? I think that the key here for us is how do we really just keep it genuine and pleased you're staking the ground, as to the importance of this.

I'm excited for us to spend some time together in person in the coming week or so to explore solutions, Groovy ways.

And if there's anyone else listening to us, talk about the things that are most important to us. And you have ideas, really finding ways to open up or accelerate the building of meaningful relationships in a way that works for everyone involved. I think I'm, I'm excited to experiment with what that could look like. Because I think there's things that we can be playful with already now. To fit into those to fit into that, to that need and meet that need, especially as especially as the other platforms don't really allow for that. networking platforms don't really traditionally allow you to build relationships.

Have a wonderful weekend. And I look forward to jamming with you on this stuff soon.

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